About the Founder

Ever since she can recall, Maria Laura, a native of Argentina, has had a passion for languages, travel, cultures and communication. Known for her outgoing personality, proven social skills and effectiveness, she strongly believes in communication as an essential tool in the making of a better society.


At a very young age, she spent a year in Denmark, where she learned the language and, most importantly, she learned to understand and love the Danish culture. This was an experience that would change her life forever.

As a child Maria Laura attended a bilingual school in the city of Buenos Aires where the family lived. English and social studies were her favorite subjects. As early as her first year at school she became aware that languages were to be part of her life forever. As time went by what started as curiosity and enjoyment of learning a new language developed into a true passion for history, social studies and cultures. But it was not until she went to Denmark that she became fully aware of how communication could positively impact society. It became clear to her that communication made the learning process possible and through learning people improved their reality. This experience  made her aware (among many things) that there were other cultures other than her own, it helped her think more creatively, she gained perspective and by understanding  she became a small cultural bridge that helped cross cultural differences and brought understanding and peace.

Once she returned back home  Maria Laura enrolled in Universidad Argentina de la Empresa, where she studied Public Relations for two years. Then she moved to Mar del Plata where she graduated as English Teacher.

While at university she began her professional career at, a private English School in Mar del Plata, Argentina. Her first years at the school were primarily in administration, she also gained valuable experience in teaching and in translation by regularly collaborating with the translation department it was here where she discovered the translation process was clearly something she enjoyed. In 2001, she became solely responsible for all student exchange programs, work experience and Au Pair programs, and volunteer work programs for students from Europe and the U.S. offered by the school as the local representative of the Language Experience. During the period she was responsible for this area, both the number of applications for international programs and the receptive programs increased by 50%.

Time went by, and in 2004 Maria Laura decided she was ready for a change in lifestyle. Working as a freelance translator came as a natural choice for her, as she had experience in the translation field, as well as the skills to plan, communicate, follow up and work independently within international and multicultural environments. Soon after her decision, she was regularly working for a handful of international clients, providing translation services into Spanish from English and Danish.

In 2008 Maria Laura finished her specialization as a medical interpreter. With her curiosity and active qualities, she enjoyed every project she took part in. However, it was in the medical field where she felt her service-oriented personality and her belief that communication is a tool to make substantial changes in the life of others came together.

It did not take long for clients to recognize Maria Laura´s abilities to deliver simple and effective solutions for their communication needs, and they started asking her to coordinate translation projects into other languages. That was the beginning of SIT Solutions In Translation.

Maria Laura’s 15 years of experience in the language industry, communication, travel and the medical field meet at SIT where she is a partner and works coordinating multilingual translation projects for the stakeholders within the Medical Tourism Sector who struggle to get messages and sensitive documentation across different cultures and borders in an effective way. SIT´s clients are those organizations in the medical travel industry who attract new patients, and take care of every detail in the process to minimize the potential risks for patients to successfully undergo medical procedures abroad.

Among her many interests, voluntary work, reading and travelling are her favorites. She has been taking part in various fundraising activities for local charities since the age of 17. As a frequent traveler, she has visited many countries in the world, The Americas, Europe and Asia. However, Maria Laura´s life wouldn´t be complete without the love of her twins. She enjoys spending the afternoons with them, and on weekends and holidays they enjoy sailing and skiing as a family.