Value Proposition


At SIT, we provide linguistic solutions for stakeholders in the Medical Travel and Tourism industry. Our solutions help to effectively communicate messages and sensitive documentation between different cultures and across borders, minimizing potential risks for patients, providers and insurance carriers.


• We make your day easier by working with you rather than for you.

• You save precious time by centralizing all your international communication needs with one provider rather than working with a different provider for each language. Centralizing all your linguistic needs makes it simple for your organization. All languages are a phone call or an e-mail away.

• You minimize your risks. A bad translation or interpretation of discharge instructions may result in serious complications or even death. We specialize in Medical Travel and Tourism, and we guarantee a 100% culturally accurate translation of documents in the medical context.

• You will save money. Thanks to our compact and flexible organizational structure located in South America, our terminology databases and our use of specific software to manage projects, we will provide services up to 30% lower in cost than most language service providers without compromising quality.

• Having your institutional information translated into different languages can result in up to 25% more sales.

• By working with Solutions In Translation, your organization will be providing clients a different and comprehensive consumer experience, strengthening your brand, and creating a sustainable infrastructure with cost-effective operations. By addressing your global markets in their own language, your organization will be perceived as transparent and reliable. As a linguistic solution provider specializing in MT, we understand the challenges you face. We will provide linguistic solutions to get your brand message across in different cultural settings, and we will contribute to a better consumer experience by facilitating communication between patients, providers, and insurance companies. In addition, our linguistic solutions will enable you to improve efficiency and have lower operative costs, leaving more time and resources available for other issues.

• You will be working with a specialized partner who is qualified to handle sensitive documentation and confidential information.